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You implement

Prioritize the tickets with your team, implement the optimizations, and deploy them on your staging environment.

We review

We will test and review the implementation until it is ready to go live! Unlimited number of checks

We keep it stupid simple

No meetings πŸ“†

Say goodbye to endless meetings and hello to productivity. Our streamlined subscription model means no wasted time in unnecessary discussions. Dive into using our service and let the results speak for themselves.

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Enjoy the freedom of flexibility with our subscription service – no long-term commitments required. Get started hassle-free and pause/cancel anytime without the burden of contracts tying you down.

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Vacations 🏝️Or No Available Developers?

Take control of your subscription with the ability to cancel it whenever you need. Whether it’s a temporary break or a busy period, pause your service with ease and resume when you’re ready, without any hassle or questions asked.

What you will get

- Access to a kanban board
- Detailed and actionable webperf optimization tickets
- Unlimited reviews/questions
- Fast validation with Speetals monitoring tool
- 15+ years of webperf experience
- Faster website, happier users - Better conversion rate and SEO
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  • 4 User Stories per month
  • Unlimited reviews and validations
  • Unlimited users in the board
  • Speetals STARTER plan included (CrUX)
  • No followup meet
  • 8 User Stories per month
  • Unlimited reviews and validation
  • Unlimited users in the board
  • Speetals GROW plan included (with RUM)
  • Quarterly followup meeting


  • Why wouldn't I just engage a long-term consultant/agency?
    Great question! Finding experimented and available consultant/agency could be a hassle. In addition, there might be occasions when you don't have available developers to implement recommendations, resulting in payments for idle time. With our subscription based service, there is no engagement, you can cancel any time!
  • Who decides on priorities?
    We write the user stories that will have the most of webperf impact. But feel free to suggest on which issue you want us to focus. It could be a specific page or metric to work on.
  • How many hours will I get per month?
    We don't bill by the hour, and we don't track hours. The number of spent hours doesn't mean much. We focus on delivering valuable and detailed optimizations specifications, unlimited testing and review, and a great monitoring tool!
  • Who is behind this service
    Speetals Consultancy service is actually an agency of one. This means you'll work directly with me, founder of Speetals: Aymen Loukil