Optimize your pages, improve conversion rates

Understand what your users face on your website

Stop guess work, get it right!

Speetals RUM helped this customer (media publisher) identify what are the most counted elements as LCP (Largest Contentful Paint). Despite having optimized the hero element loading (557ms), he didn't know that his cookies consent banner took more than 3 seconds to load.
Positive review for Speetals from a customer
Happier users, better impact

What are the benefits of Speetals RUM

Audit, prioritize, debug and rapidly see the impact on your users! As simple as that.

Insights on your users experience

At one sight, Speetals helps you audit your users experience and spot the room of improvement. No more guess work, your users data never lies.

We help you prioritize your efforts

Speetals Real User Monitoring provides you the most important insights. What are the worst performing pages and the debug data for LCP, INP and CLS. This will help you prioritize efforts and focus on the most important things.

Track your web performance results

Understand how things are moving with the domain and the page level over time graphs. See if you recent optimizations did improved your users experience. You can monitor all the percentiles of each metric.

Frequently asked questions about our Real User Monitoring

  • Why is Real User Monitoring important?
    Real User Monitoring provides insights into how real users are interacting with your website or your application in real-time. By monitoring actual user behavior, you can identify performance issues and bottlenecks that may impact the user experience. RUM allows you to detect performance issues in real-time, enabling proactive resolution before they escalate and negatively impact a larger number of your users
  • What metrics are supported by Speetals RUM?
    We do monitor the Core Web Vitals plus 3 more metrics. We believe that they are what matters the most:
    - Largest Contentful Paint
    - First Input Delay
    - Cumulative Layout Shift
    - Time To First Byte
    - First Contentful Paint
    - Interaction to Next Paint In addition, we track and monitor debug data for the main metrics.
  • What is the major difference between RUM Real User Monitoring and synthetics?
    Real User Monitoring tool provides you the experience of your real users. Synthetic tool measure web performance metrics by doing emulation and it never represents your users real experience. At Speetals, we only focus on what matters the most : your users.
  • From where the data comes in RUM?
    We help you install a tiny JavaScript agent on your website, you adjust your sampling rate and data will start to come and show up on your Speetals account.
  • How can you get my competitors data?
    With Speetals RUM we can't since it requires adding an agent to a website. But with each subscription, we provide CrUX data for your website(s) and your competitors ones.
  • What does a seat mean?
    For every website in your account, you can share its data to a number of different emails (Speetals accounts).
  • Can i export site speed data and graphs?
    Yes! Image and CSV formats are supported for each graph on the tool.
  • Do you have any other questions?
    Just say send me your questions hi[at]speetals.com and i'll answer them.