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Don’t lose time measuring Web Performance

We do it for you! Focus on optimization

Don't waste your efforts
we provide the Data you need
from your users

You shouldn't lose time installing and configuring several Web Performance tools. We aggregate for you the most useful performance metrics and insights to keep you focus on improving your online User Experience.
  • Automated Web Performance monitoring
  • Web Vitals and industry-shared metrics
  • No setup/technical skills are needed!
  • Real data! No robots or emulation.
Optimize your pages, improve conversion rates

Recover missed revenue on your e-commerce and make your users happier

Keep an eye on your websites

At a glance overview of your monitored websites

Track your websites real users metrics from your dashboard. Sort by main metrics, easily find the best/worst performers.
You can also compare your international audiences experiences for the same website.
Listing of monitored websites
Internal pages performance metrics
Zoom-in your top internal page types

Compare your top internal page types

No need to monitor all the pages!
Monitor your top page types and find the template that permor the worst on each metric.
Prioritize your Web Performance work
Over time monitoring

Keep an eye on your Users Web Performance over time

Understand how things are moving with the domain-level over time graphs.
When you add your website, Speetals instantly provides you with many months history.
Adding a website to monitor
Competitive benchmark
Win the race!

Compare your website with competition

Gain a competitive edge! Track how everyone is doing and work to win the race.